Practice and develop indispensable skills in business procurement

A unique training method developed at the University of Twente


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Serious game

SuPlay is a scientifically based procurement training method for professional purchasers in the form of a serious game. Based on various procurement strategies combined with project objectives and direct competition from other participants, the game is dynamic and realistic and provides purchasers with structural challenges and training in:

Cost-optimisation strategies



Innovation management

Hard skills

Risk recognition and learning to act on it

Information analysis: Distinguishing between important and unimportant sources

 The development of joint enterprise

Maximising supplier satisfaction and loyalty

Insights into the competition game among purchasers

soft skills

A unique business procurement training method developed at the University of Twente, in which purchasers practice and develop indispensable skills.

How does it work?

The game takes place in a brewery and players start out as Junior Buyer Packaging. Under professional supervision, the participants develop to the level of CPO within five rounds, with each round being carefully developed. New workouts, in-game applications and a feedback round enable participants to become final decision-makers with extensive powers. The combination of various purchasing strategies and real competition between the different participants results in a dynamic and realistic playing field in which leadership, teamwork and decision-making are indispensable.




Learning loop

topics MODULE

Cost-optimisation strategy: Training and practice of the Lever analysis method. Supplier satisfactory model.

Suppliers satisfaction module: A good relation with your supplier offers better prices and is more likely to cooperate with innovations.

Here one learns to increase supplier satisfactory without extra cost

Innovation module: Increasingly, buyers have the task of exploiting their suppliers' innovation potential. This module trains how it works.

A typical program

day 2


Training on sourcing levers: to acheve cost savings and increase value


Gameplay Round 3: Applying the sourcing levers


Training on innovation and risk management


Analysis of the game, debriefing & award ceremony


Lunch Break


Gameplay Round 4: Innovation and risk management


End of the workshop

day 1


Welcome and introduction of host company & suPlay


Introduction to the Game


Lunch Break


Gameplay Round 2 – Preferred customer logic


Gameplay Round 1: Strategy Development and first year


Training on supplier satisfaction & preferred customer 


Analysis of the game & debriefing


Dinner together

The training can be practiced German, Dutch, English and Portugese.

the trainerS

Prof. Dr. Holger Schiele

Founder en Managing Partner

Frederik Vos,


Jan-Henner Theissen,

Certified Trainer

Prof. Dr. Holger Schiele holds the Chair of Technology Management - Innovation in Purchasing, Production and Logistics at the University of Twente. He is one if the most published professors in the field of purchasing and supply management of the world. Before joining academia he has been working for 10 years in industry with Preussag AG and as a consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers and h&z.

Frederik G. S. Vos is supply management researcher at University of Twente. His areas of expertise include preferential resource allocation of suppliers, global sourcing and Industry 4.0. Next to research and teaching, he collaborates on various projects with international companies from the automotive, chemical, construction, metal-processing, educational and agricultural industries in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and America. He is the head of the development team of SuPlay.

Jan-Henner Theissen is a seasoned Purchasing and transformational leader with a broad experience in the Automotive, Agricultural Machinery and Oil & Gas industry. He acquired almost 20 years of strategic and tactical Purchasing & Supply Chain as well international and cross cultural experience. Jan has been working and living in Germany and the USA working with suppliers / OEM’s leading global teams all over Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa.

founded at


suPlay B.V.

Ruwerstraat 9, 7545 SM Enschede,

The Netherlands